Fundy Dental Centre Policies

Please read below about our policies on Direct Billing, Privacy, Pain Medication, Treatment Times, and Social Assistance.

Our office follows the current year of the Nova Scotia Dental Association (NSDA) suggested fee guide for pricing the cost of dental treatment and services. We provide a printout of each suggested treatment plan so our patients are aware of the costs involved, by procedure and appointment. We do expect payment in full at each appointment. Unfortunately we do not provide payment plans through this office. For a list of the most common dental procedures and their prices click here

Direct Billing for Insured Policies

Patients with private dental insurance can assign their insurance benefit to our office, so only the co-pay is due at each appointment. We can submit dental insurance claims electronically;  to facilitate this service please bring the appropriate information to your appointment. Not all insurance carriers provide an explanation of benefits, and in these cases patients are expected to pay in full the day the procedures are completed.

Our office will work with our patients to process their claims, but we do not know the details of all insurance plans. Also, our dentists recommend treatment based on an individual’s need, which may or may not be covered by the insurance policy. Patients are responsible for all charges for services provided, including those not covered by their insurance policy.

We will gladly submit a pre-determination before beginning treatment to discover which procedures are covered by each policy. This will be performed for all rescheduled services if the patient prefers to assign the insurance benefit to our office.


Our patients privacy is of the utmost importance. We conform to all PIPIDA guidelines and would never share any personal information without prior consent. To read our full privacy statement please click here.

Pain Medication

Our office has a strict policy to treat the source of the dental pain or infection. WE DO NOT PRESCRIBE NARCOTICS FOR PAIN RELIEF. Patients that are not looking for definitive care and are unable to take conventional pain medication should seek treatment at the local emergency room.

Treatment Times

We are committed to provide same-day treatment to all patients that arrive at our office with a true dental emergency. Due to the nature of this office, waiting times may vary. We will attempt to give you an approximate wait time until a dentist is available, when you arrive at the office. Priority will be given to the most emergent issue that is at the office that day, however, all patients that would like an examination and x-ray will be seen in a timely fashion.

Charitable Assistance via Fundy Dental Community Project

[ NOTE: This program is no longer available. ]

The Fundy Dental Centre has partnered with the Fundy Dental Community Association in support of their program the ‘Fundy Dental Community Project’. The project works with the under-served population by trying to assist in removing barriers to their dental treatment. We believe all three parties (government, our office, and the patients) have a role to play in relieving these patients of their immediate dental issues.

The Fundy Dental Community Project is for patients that qualify for income assistance and are currently active in the MSI/QuickCard program. The dental coverage in this program is limited to emergency care at 65-70% of the NSDA fee guide. We are not providing a free treatment service for these patients on social assistance; however, a nominal fee is attached to each procedure.

For more information on the FDCA | Fundy Dental Community Project, click here.

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