FDCP Partnership

FDCP Partnership with Dalhousie Dental School

Faculty at Dalhousie University Dental School were consulted about the Fundy Dental Community Project and were very supportive of this initiative in a private practice setting. In addition to providing support and suggestions to revise the draft version of this program description, it was also agreed that students at Dalhousie would participate in FDCP. In August 2016, General Practice Residency dentists (Graduate Program at Dalhousie) started one week rotations for dental emergency experience at Fundy Dental Centre, the walk-in clinic.  This Winter 2017 fourth year dental students in the Public Health elective will have rotations at Fundy Dental to gain experience in a private practice setting, and also participate in FDCP.  The dentists working in the clinic also have part-time faculty status with Dalhousie University.