COVID Changes


COVID-19 Protocol Changes:

The outbreak of COVID-19 in this province has changed the way all public businesses operate. We have made some changes to ensure your visit to our dental office is safe.

We must follow strict social distancing guidelines. To accommodate this safety precaution, WE ASK ALL PATIENTS TO CALL THE OFFICE in advance at 902-681-9111.

We have operated as a walk-in clinic to treat dental emergencies for the past 5 years, but now are changing the practice model slightly. We will still be happy to provide SAME-DAY TREATMENT for DENTAL EMERGENCIES, however, will assign times for patients to arrive at the office. Please call the office before you arrive so that we can give you a specific time for your examination. Although you may have to wait at home a little longer, there will be less waiting at the office, as a dentist will discuss your dental issue right away.

Fundy Dental has always prided itself on treating true dental emergencies the same day the problem is acutely painful. This will not change. We will also attempt to treat every urgent issue the same day, however, time restrictions may require a second visit on occasion.


  • Please call the office before visiting the clinic (902-681-9111). We will provide an appointment time for your examination so you will not have to wait in our reception area.
  • Our staff will review screening questions to ensure you do not have COVID-19 symptoms or risk factors, and to determine if you may be a vulnerable person.
  • We will review the expectations for when you arrive and enter the building in advance of your appointment.


  • Our doors may be locked to minimize the number of patients walking into the clinic. Please call the office when you arrive. Our reception team will review the screening questions, obtain your medical history and then let you know when the clinic is ready to perform your dental assessment.
  • Please wear your community mask to our office and inside while you are waiting for treatment.
  • A staff member will greet you at the door. We ask you do not touch door handles or other surfaces inside the office. You will be escorted to our hand sanitation area, personal information will be confirmed and then you will be quickly taken into our triage area for an x-ray and examination by a dentist.
  • The rest of your patient experience will be like before:
    • One of our dentists will evaluate your issue and provide treatment options for the condition
    • All true dental emergencies will be treated asap;
    • Urgent dental conditions will be treated right away or scheduled later in the day;
    • Elective treatment will be performed when convenient (same day or rescheduled)
  • Please note that all payment is due at the completion of your appointment.


We have made multiple changes to reduce contact and employ social distancing recommendations.

Our office is strictly following the guidelines for safe dental practice as set by our Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia (PDBNS) and the Nova Scotia Dental Association (NSDA). We may look a little different for certain procedures as we will don more personal protective equipment (PPE), however, you will receive the same high-quality dental care.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Fundy Dental Centre