FDCP Corporate Sponsorship

We recognize there are specific barriers to dental care due to the cost of treatment. The Fundy Dental Community Project (FDCP) is a new program initiated by local dentists to provide basic dental services to motivated, low-income youth and adults to complete a treatment plan aimed at addressing their current dental disease. This program was developed to establish a healthy oral condition in qualified patients, and provide them with the education necessary to maintain their improved oral health status going forward.  For more information about this aspect of our practice read our detailed Program Description available on this website This project will only be sustainable with support from community corporate sponsorship.

Please consider donating to our Registered Charity, Fundy Dental Community Association (Donation Form)


The Corporate Sponsorship aspect of this program is an important endeavor, and can be mutually beneficial to both the program and the sponsor.  FDCP is a novel project providing subsidized dental treatment in a private practice setting.  Companies will donate to FDCP because they recognize the value in providing this service to members of the local community and will give their financial support to help maintain the long-term sustainability of FDCP.

Due to the unique nature of this project, media attention is expected to be very positive about the FDCP program.  Initial sponsors in the project will benefit from the positive ‘public relations’ generated from the story and their association with the project.

All sponsors will be acknowledged for their financial donations by having their name included on a plaque that will be displayed in the waiting room of Fundy Dental Centre, and advertising contact information included on this website.

Sponsorship Acknowledgement:
A. Donor $49
B. Friend $50 – $99
C. Patron $100 – $249
D. Silver Sponsor $250 – $499
E. Gold Sponsor $500 – $999
F. Platinum Sponsor $1000 – $4999
G. Long Term Sponsor ≥$1000+/year
H. Partner $5000 +

NAMED SPONSORS (Partner Status):

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See all of the sponsors of the Community Project here:

All monies donated to FDCA will support low-income patients in the Community Project to reduce their costs toward this highly subsidized dental treatment provided. In no way are the individual dentists involved in the project able to benefit from your donation or profit from their participation in the project.


The primary expense to be covered by the fundraising efforts will be those associated with dental prosthesis laboratory fees (dentures and appliances). If additional funds are raised, above those required to meet the needs of the laboratory costs, then that money will be used to reduce the rate patients will be required to pay in FDCP Patient Eligibility Category A (reduce the per hour nominal fee from $100/hr to $80 for example).  The dental work continues to be subsidized by the dentists involved in FDCP and Fundy Dental Centre, and no funds donated is transferred to the dentists or clinic.


TARGET FUNDRAISING AMOUNT =  $35,000  to cover the associated laboratory fee.

Rationale for this primary target:  The projection for the first year of treating patients in the FDCP program is that there will be a need for 20 immediate complete dentures and 35 acrylic partial dentures to replace missing anterior teeth.  These figures are based of processing 300-400 patients in one year. Complete dentures have a laboratory cost of approximately $1050 ($1050 x 20 dentures = $21,000), and acrylic partial dentures a laboratory fee of approximately $420 ($420 x 35 partial dentures = $14,000).

DREAM TARGET = $100,000 + $35,000 to provide a significantly reduced rate of dental treatment in the FDCP Program for the motivated, low income patients that qualify.

Use of additional funds above the target $35,000/yr:  Successful fundraising efforts above and beyond the primary target will go toward reducing the nominal fee patients are required to pay for their dental treatment in FDCP.  In an ideal world, the qualified patients in this program would only have to pay a minimal nominal fee for each appointment ($20-$40) instead of the necessary overhead recovery cost required ($100/hr).   Annual funding at the dream target level will allow FDCA to reach this goal.

If this project qualifies as an appropriate use of sponsorship monies from your company, please consider providing financial support to this important endeavor.  Local patients will be the beneficiary of your valuable contributions.  Fundy Dental Community Association will be extremely grateful for any level of financial support that your company would feel is appropriate for this initiative.

Click here to donate to the Community Project.  We appreciate any and all support you can provide!